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Qigong Techniques

Qigong Techniques

There are many different Qigong techniques that are practiced.  In this post I touch on a example of a short Qigong movement form.  There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different Qigong forms in existence, but it is better to learn a few deeply than many and never gain any true understanding.

The form I am discussing in this particular blog post is known as Shibashi Qi Gong.  Shibashi Qigong features rocking movements and nice opening movements that may look similar to students that have practiced Soaring Crane Qigong, another popular Qigong movement form.

Shibashi Qigong extracts many techniques from Yang Style Taijiquan so in a way this could be considered a short 18 movement Tai Chi form.  There is a lot of emphasis on the technique of coordinating movement and breath during this Qigong form.

qigong techniques
I would recommend this Qigong technique for any student that plans to study Yang style Tai Chi.  It would serve as a great introduction and the student could learn this complete Qigong movement form in a relatively short period of time.  Once learned this form typically takes about 15-20 minutes to practice in it’s entirety.

Shibashi Qigong is what I would refer to as “Stationary Tai Chi”.  That doesn’t mean that there is no movement, but rather refers to the fact that the movement takes very little space to practice.  All of the movements with this Qigong technique are basically contained with a circle as large as your outstretched arms.

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This simple Qigong form teaches the techniques of shifting weight to the proper leg, balance, coordination of breath and movement, and basic flow.  You can study the basica movements through the images and video on this page, but as always it is best to learn any Qigong technique from a qualified instructor.

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January 26, 2015



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