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What is Qigong?

Qigong is a simple system composed of gentle movements, meditation and breathing techniques that cleanse and strengthen the immune system and Life Energy (Qi). It can be used as a daily routine to promote health and well-being, reduce stress and help cure or alleviate sickness. It is a powerful system of healing and one of the oldest methods of traditional healthcare in China.

Qigong is a combination of two words in the Chinese language. “Qi,” meaning “vital energy,” and “Gong” meaning “to achieve or cultivate.” So, therefore, Qigong essentially means “energy cultivation.”

How is it Pronounced?

I have seen many different variations on how Qigong is spelled such as Qi Gong, Chi Kung, Chikung, Chi Gong, Chi Gung, and probably a few I missed.  The two most popular spellings are Qigong (sometimes separated into two words as Qi Gong) or Chi Kung.

The alternate spellings and difficulty in knowing how to pronounce it have certainly not helped Qigong gain in popularity over the years.  Still, it has slowly gained in popularity as the benefits have continued to be publicized.  No matter how it is spelled the pronunciation remains the same.  Phonetically it is “chee gung”.

Qigong Benefits

qigong classThere are so many benefits to practicing Qigong that it is difficult to know where to begin.  It’s safe to safe that most people seek out Qigong because they are looking to improve in some area of life.  It could be physical improvement, emotional improvement, or to gain spiritual insight.

Let’s touch on each one of these three key areas and mention some of the specific benefits that can be achieved.  This is by no means an exhaustive list of benefits, and most importantly Qigong should be approached as a way to improve all aspects of yourself and become a better person.

Qigong for Physical Improvement
5 essential organs

Qigong can be used to treat many physical illnesses and ailmentsMedical Qigong is the name for the branch of Qigong that is specifically used in treating serious chronic conditions.  Medical Qigong is one of the five main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Balancing the Five Essential Organs

It is said that if the Five Essential Organs are in harmony that the entire body will be in harmony.  When our physical body is out of harmony due to stress, injury, diet, environmental factors, etc. that is when illnesses can arise.  Typically if one area of the body is out of balance it will have a ripple effect causing other areas of the body to also fall out of balance.

We are all born with a relative weakness in one or more organs.  It may or may not have any impact on your life, but practicing Qigong can help restore and maintain the internal balance so you can experience vibrant health and reduce the possibility of any weakness leading to serious health issues.

Qi Gong for Emotional Improvement

Emotions have an enormous impact on your healthStress levels seem to be increasing every year in our society as things move faster and faster.  There is always something to worry about it seems and our minds are led in many directions at once.

Many people are living in a distracted state and have difficulty slowing down to enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

smile_smallQigong can be a wonderful tool to help balance the emotions.  Most Qigong practices will have a positive impact on the emotions if practiced consistently, but I often recommend Medical Qigong for students experiencing stress, depression, or who appear to be holding on to trapped emotions.

Unreleased emotions from the past can have a very negative impact so it important to find a way to let go and release them.  Qigong can help with this process.

Feel free to contact me directly if you would like a personal Qigong consultation or you can always view the current schedule of group Qigong classes.


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