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Qigong for Self-Healing

Self-healing refers to the fact or the process whereby the human body has the capability to defend and heal itself when it is hurt or injured. Research indicates that the most powerful healing substances are actually located within the human body. There is a new wave of medicine – health recovery medicine, mind-body medicine, or holistic medicine – emerging around the world. Self-healing is the core, because most human diseases are related to our own behaviors and life styles. Mere searching for help outside or depending on drugs and medical treatment cannot cure the sources of many chronic diseases. We have to encourage people to actively involve themselves in the healing process.

Human life consists of two interdependent parts – the body and the spiritual part (mind, thought and emotion). When the body part is injured, we will get sick or diseased. When the spiritual part is injured(emotional disturbance, depression or stress), we will also become ill and feel discomfort. Modern medicine has put more emphasis on the body’s physical illness and not much on the spiritual illness or mind-related diseases. Qigong practice is extremely useful in strengthening our spiritual health and increasing our self-efficacy.

Scientific Evidences of Self-Healing

1. Placebo Effects

Placebo effects are the result of conditioned responses and expectations. They prove that people can heal themselves without external chemicals or treatment! However the scientific community doesn’t know how to initiate these self-healing processes

2. Spontaneous Remission

Almost all “incurable” diseases have reported cases of spontaneous remission. One after another, late-stage cancer patients have recovered without medicine. Many irreversible chronically diseased patients have experienced spontaneous remission. Some having been labeled “clinically dead” awake suddenly under the love and care of their friends and family. Some HIV infected persons have developed a natural immunity to AIDS. More and more “incurable” diseases have been defeated by natural therapies and drug-free healing. These all prove that the human body does have self-healing capabilities.

3. Resolution within the Brain

Brain morphine is very effective for pain-relief. The Pineal Gland produces powerful chemicals that can cure many diseases.

4. Relaxation response and meditation

There is much evidence of the tremendous health benefits of these practices.

Three Aspects of Human Self-Healing Capabilities Immune system

1. Self defense capability

When the immune system is normal and strong, it can resist infectious diseases and prevent illness.

2. Self healing and recovery capability

When self-healing is enhanced, the body heals itself despite the existence of disease or injury.

3. Self repair and regeneration capability

When self-regeneration is vital, the body repairs the damaged area and re-grows the necessary parts.


The critical question confronting modern medicine and ourselves is- should medicine help us to train our bodies to protect and strengthen our capabilities to immunize, to self-heal and to regenerate or to train our bodies to weaken, destroy, and suppress these capabilities?

Medical Qigong helps us to strengthen these self-healing capabilities, while most pharmaceutical drugs seem to weaken and suppress these capabilities.

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